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+# NFS Ganesha Tests
+Scope of Testing:
+Nfs Ganesha functional tests includes test scripts specific to nfs ganesha
+component such as high availability, nfsv4 acls, root squash, locks,
+volume exports, subdirectory exports from client and server side, dynamic
+refresh config.
+Configs to change in glusto_tests_config.yml file for running the tests:
+In cluster_config -> nfs_ganesha section,
+- Set enable: True
+- Give the number of nodes to participate in nfs ganesha cluster in
+ integer format.
+- Virtual IPs for each nodes which will be part of nfs ganesha cluster
+ in list format.
+In mounts section, for each mount
+- Set protocol to 'nfs'.
+- For v3 mount, set options: 'vers=3'
+- For v4 mount, set options: 'vers=4.0'
+- If 'options' is set to empty string, it takes v3 mount by default.