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+This Dockerfile adds the Gluster glustolibs libraries on top of the Glusto container to provide the complete environment required to run Gluster QE tests under Glusto.
+This container is currently based on Fedora and also installs gdeploy as required by NFS Ganesha tests.
+This is currently a minimal implementation. More to come.
+To use the glusto-tests container, you can run tests using the pre-gen'd container or create a Dockerfile and customize to fit your own needs.
+To use the pre-gen'd image...
+1. Pull the docker image down to your local system.
+ # docker pull loadtheaccumulator/glusto-tests
+2. Run the image with docker.
+ # docker run -it --rm --privileged=true -v <local_dir_path>:<container_dir_path> /bin/bash
+ ... or for example to run a test directly...
+ # docker run -it --rm --privileged=true \
+ -v <local_dir_path>:<container_dir_path> \
+ \
+ /usr/bin/glusto -c <container_path_to_config> \
+ --pytest="-vv <container_dir_path>/"
+More robust docs and examples coming soon.