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Set volume options on all the volume types
Providing a section in the config file to set volume options that can be applicable to any volume type created. The glusterbase class also reads the volume_options if provided in config file and set it on all the volumes being created. These volume options will be overwritten if there are any volume options specified while defining the volumes under 'volumes' section. Change-Id: I0003312251b4f8b151c9ba5c71d1b6a8884cc85e Signed-off-by: ShwethaHP <>
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@@ -191,6 +191,16 @@ gluster:
redundancy_count: 2
transport: tcp
+ # Volume options that has to be applicable to all volume types
+ volume_options:
+## performance.quick-read: "off"
+## "off"
+## "off"
+## performance.stat-prefetch: "off"
+## "off"
+## performance.readdir-ahead: "off"
+## server.allow-insecure: "on"
# slave volumes config goes under 'slave_volumes' section. This is a list
# of all the slave volumes.