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[lib] Adding geo-rep params in
Adding params in to store value of root user's password and non-root user's name, group and password. sync_method will be mentioned inside the testcase as there are testcases which are only specific to one of the sync type and it doesn't make sense to add it in the config file. Instead we'll write testcase as shown below: ``` class georeptestcase(baseclass): run_chmod_with_changelog_crawl(sync_type): # Steps of the testcase test_chmod_with_changelog_crawl_rsync(): # Calling function with rsync as sync_type. run_chmod_with_changelog_crawl('rsync') test_chmod_with_changelog_crawl_tarssh(): # Calling function with tarssh as sync_type. run_chmod_with_changelog_crawl('tarssh') ``` Change-Id: Ie65f542e76bfbee89ac2914bdcd086e1bd08dfdb Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
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@@ -108,3 +108,14 @@ clients_info:
host: client-vm1
client-vm2: &client2
host: client-vm2
+# This section defines the details about geo-rep clusters to be created.
+# Define this section for setting up geo-rep clusters.
+ geo_rep:
+ root:
+ password: 'foobar'
+ user:
+ name: 'geoaccount'
+ group: 'geogroup'
+ password: 'non-root foobar'