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[Test] mv and ls operations with bricks offline
Test Steps: 1. Created a volume and mount this volume on 3 clients. 2. Bring down two bricks offline in each subvol. 3. On client1: under dir1 create files f{1..10000} run in background 4. On client2: under / touch x{1..1000} 5. On client3: start creating x{1001..10000} 6. Bring bricks online which were offline(brought up all the bricks which were down (2 in each of the two subvols) 7. While IO on Client1 and Client3 were happening, On client2 move all the x* files into dir1 8. Perform lookup from client 3 Change-Id: Ib72648af783535557e20cea7e64ea68036b23121 Signed-off-by: Bala Konda Reddy M <>
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