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[TestFix] Remove hot and cold bricks list - Part2
For the non-tiered volume types, In few test cases while bringing bricks offline, collecting both hot_tier_bricks and cold_tier_bricks and it is not needed to collect hot and cold tier bricks. Removing tier kwarg in one of the test. Removing the hot and cold tiered bricks and collecting only bricks of the particular volume as mentioned below. Removing below section ``` bricks_to_bring_offline_dict = (select_bricks_to_bring_offline( self.mnode, self.volname)) bricks_to_bring_offline = list(filter(None, ( bricks_to_bring_offline_dict['hot_tier_bricks'] + bricks_to_bring_offline_dict['cold_tier_bricks'] + bricks_to_bring_offline_dict['volume_bricks']))) ``` Modifying as below for bringing bricks offline. ``` bricks_to_bring_offline = bricks_to_bring_offline_dict['volume_bricks'] ``` Change-Id: I4f59343b380ced498516794a8cc7c968390a8459 Signed-off-by: Bala Konda Reddy M <>
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