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Remove logical error in CVT test
This step is not needed at all. It appears to be a copy-paste error or some sort of mistake. Missed it through review and a few rounds of debugging Change-Id: I232f68c846ebf18a106554c1b0214748f2cdc391
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@@ -736,14 +736,6 @@ class TestGlusterHealSanity(GlusterBasicFeaturesSanityBaseClass):"Successful in bringing bricks: %s offline",
- # Wait for volume processes to be online
-"Wait for volume processes to be online")
- ret = wait_for_volume_process_to_be_online(self.mnode, self.volname)
- self.assertTrue(ret, ("Volume %s processes not online despite waiting"
- "for 5 mins", self.volname))
-"Successful in waiting for volume %s processes to be "
- "online", self.volname)
# Log Volume Info and Status"Logging volume info and Status after bringing bricks "
"offline from the volume %s", self.volname)