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[Test]: check peer probe behavior when glusterd is down
BZ#1257394 - Provide meaningful errors on peer probe and peer detach Test Steps: 1 check the current peer status 2 detach one of the valid nodes which is already part of cluster 3 stop glusterd on that node 4 try to attach above node to cluster, which must fail with Transport End point error 5 Recheck the test using hostname, expected to see same result 6 start glusterd on that node 7 halt/reboot the node 8 try to peer probe the halted node, which must fail again. 9 The only error accepted is as below "peer probe: failed: Probe returned with Transport endpoint is not connected" 10 Check peer status and make sure no other nodes in peer reject state Change-Id: Ic0a083d5cb150275e927723d960e89fe1a5528fb Signed-off-by: nchilaka <>
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