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[Test] Validate readdirp with rebalance
Description : Check that all directories are read and listed while rebalance is still in progress. Steps : 1) Create a volume. 2) Mount the volume using FUSE. 3) Create a dir "master" on mount-point. 4) Create 8000 empty dirs (dir1 to dir8000) inside dir "master". 5) Now inside a few dirs (e.g. dir1 to dir10), create deep dirs and inside every dir, create 50 files. 6) Collect the number of dirs present on /mnt/<volname>/master 7) Change the rebalance throttle to lazy. 8) Add-brick to the volume (at least 3 replica sets.) 9) Start rebalance using "force" option on the volume. 10) List the directories on dir "master". Change-Id: I4d04b3e2be93b5c25b5ed70516bb99d99fb1fb8a Signed-off-by: sayaleeraut <>
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