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[Test] Add test to check self heal with expand volume
Test case: 1. Created a 2X3 volume. 2. Mount the volume using FUSE and give 777 permissions to the mount. 3. Added a new user. 4. Login as new user and created 100 files from the new user: for i in {1..100};do dd if=/dev/urandom of=$i bs=1024 count=1;done 5. Kill a brick which is part of the volume. 6. On the mount, login as root user and create 1000 files: for i in {1..1000};do dd if=/dev/urandom of=f$i bs=10M count=1;done 7. On the mount, login as new user, and copy existing data to the mount. 8. Start volume using force. 9. While heal is in progress, add-brick and start rebalance. 10. Wait for rebalance and heal to complete. 11. Check for MSGID: 108008 errors in rebalance logs. Refernce BZ: #1821599 Change-Id: I0782d4b6e44782fd612d4f2ced248c3737132855 Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
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