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Test case for bitd, scrub, snapd checking after volume reset and volume
reset force Description: Create Distribute volume, then enable bitrot and uss on that volume, then check the bitd, scrub, snapd daemons running or not. Then peform the volume reset, after volume reset only snap daemon will get kill but bitd scrub daemons will be remain running. Then perform volume reset with force, after volume reset with force all three(bitd, scrub, snapd) daemons will get kill, these daemons will not be running. below are the steps performed for developing this test case: -> Create Distributed volume -> Enable BitD, Scrub and Uss on volume -> Verify the BitD, Scrub and Uss daemons are running on every node -> Reset the volume -> Verify the Daemons (BitD, Scrub & Uss ) are running or not -> Eanble Uss on same volume -> Reset the volume with force -> Verify all the daemons(BitD, Scrub & Uss) are running or not Change-Id: I15d71d1434ec84d80293fda2ab6a8d02a3af5fd6 Signed-off-by: Rajesh Madaka <>
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