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[Test] Rename of filetypes on brick down
Test Steps: 1. Create an EC volume 2. Mount the volume using FUSE on two different clients 3. Create ~9 files from one of the client 4. Create ~9 dir with ~9 files each from another client 5. Create soft-links, hard-links for file{4..6}, file{7..9} 6. Create soft-links for dir{4..6} 7. Begin renaming the files, in multiple iterations 8. Bring down a brick while renaming the files 9. Bring the brick online after renaming some of the files 10. Wait for renaming of the files 11. Validate no data loss and files are renamed successfully Change-Id: I6d98c00ff510cb473978377bb44221908555681e Signed-off-by: Leela Venkaiah G <>
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