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Fixing the BVT Issues:
1) self-heal failures: With the recent changes made to gluster for the bug:, the location of the brick process pid's changed to /var/run/gluster. Making the corresponding changes to glusto-tests libraries. Moving away from referring to pid file to grep for the process with the brick name. This fixes the issue. 2) Group options not being set properly: Since we were popping the 'group' option from the 'options' dictionary after the group options being set to set the other volume options, the option gets removed from the g.config['gluster']['smb_volume_options'] as well. Hence perform a deep copy of the dict before modifying the dict. Change-Id: I293bf81913857cb0327f30aa1db5aaa9be5a318e Signed-off-by: ShwethaHP <>
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