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[LibFix] Fix issue caused by DHT pass-through
The DHT pass-through functionality was introduced in the Gluster 6, due to which the TCs were failing for Replicate, Disperse and Arbiter volume types whenever the function to get hashrange was called. With this fix, first the Gluster version and later the volume type will be checked before calling the function to get the hashrange. If the Gluster version is greater than or equal to 6, the layout will not be checked for the pure AFR/Arbiter/EC volumes. About DHT pass-through option : The distribute xlator now skips unnecessary checks and operations when the distribute count is one for a volume, resulting in improved performance. Comes into play when there is only 1 brick or it is a pure replicate or pure disperse or pure arbiter volume. Change-Id: I55634f495a54e3c9909b1e1c716990b9ee9834a3 Signed-off-by: sayaleeraut <>
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