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[Test] mv and ls operations on ec volumes
Test Steps: 1. Create volume and mount the volume on 3 clients, c1(client1), c2(client2), and, c3(client3) 2. On c1, mkdir /c1/dir 3. On c2, Create 4000 files on mount point i.e. "/" 4. After step 3, Create next 4000 files on c2 on mount point i.e. "/" 5. On c1 Create 10000 files on /dir/ 6. On c3 start moving 4000 files created on step 3 from mount point to /dir/ 7. On c3, start ls in a loop for 20 iterations Note: Used upload scripts in setupclass, as there is one more test to be added in the same file. Change-Id: Ibab74433cbec4d6a4f9b494f257b3e517b8fbfbc Signed-off-by: Bala Konda Reddy M <>
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