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* DHT TEA hashfn bugfix2.0.0rc2Anand V. Avati2009-02-231-5/+0
* Deleted xattr caching code from posix in anticipation of the xattr-cache tran...Vikas Gorur2009-02-235-701/+152
* RE-SEND: Add braces around critical sections.Shehjar Tikoo2009-02-231-16/+20
* posix_releasedir flush fds from xattrcache.Anand V. Avati2009-02-221-0/+4
* default volume file option enhanced in server-protocolgAmar Tumballi2009-02-221-6/+11
* command line and mount/fuse now use float attr/entry timeoutsHarshavardhana2009-02-211-12/+8
* Reduce iothreads requests queue lock granularity.Shehjar Tikoo2009-02-192-34/+22
* Remove conf->cache_size checksShehjar Tikoo2009-02-192-16/+0
* Remove dead code.Shehjar Tikoo2009-02-192-40/+0
* cluster/ha to handle EBADFD for fd based operations as transport disconnected.Basavanagowda Kanur2009-02-191-1/+5
* warn on ERANGE error for lgetxattr in posixVikas Gorur2009-02-191-0/+18
* Added all filesVikas Gorur2009-02-18166-0/+88606