path: root/xlators/mgmt/glusterd/src/glusterd-pmap.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* mgmt/glusterd: volume start forcePranith K2010-09-291-1/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: Misc fixes to pump / cli / glusterd wrt replace brick.v3.1.0qa30v3.1.0betaPavan Sondur2010-09-231-1/+13
* Restart all bricks which are down when glusterd comes upshishir gowda2010-09-221-2/+14
* portmap: add support for registering multiple bricks on one portCsaba Henk2010-09-161-7/+23
* portmap: make grounds for typed service mappingCsaba Henk2010-09-161-21/+28
* mgmt/glusterd: free xdr allocationsPranith Kumar K2010-09-141-0/+8
* do not use pmap_registry_get function, instead use this to get pmap while rem...Raghavendra Bhat2010-09-091-1/+5
* mgmt/glusterd: handle port allocation so ports are reused for same brickv3.1.0qa11Amar Tumballi2010-08-291-8/+8
* glusterd-pmap: trigger signout by RPC_DISCONNECT eventAmar Tumballi2010-08-261-14/+69
* portmapper program added to glusterfsd mgmt rpcAmar Tumballi2010-08-211-4/+48
* changed GNU General Public License to GNU Affero General Public LicensePranith Kumar K2010-08-171-3/+3
* portmapper: minor fixesAmar Tumballi2010-08-151-2/+11
* portmap: crash fix while getting registry pointerAnand Avati2010-08-131-13/+3
* portmap functionality in glusterdAnand V. Avati2010-08-121-0/+336