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* osx: snapview-server fails to build on OSX use 'syscall.h'Harshavardhana2014-08-091-0/+1
* make snapview-server more compatible with NFS serverRaghavendra Bhat2014-07-161-78/+204
* snapview/server: warning cleanup after clang complaintsHarshavardhana2014-06-171-10/+2
* Minor fixes for correcting the goto statements for frame destroy and checking...Anand Subramanian2014-06-161-24/+68
* Get snapshot info dynamically via new rpc and infra for snapview-server to re...Anand Subramanian2014-06-153-91/+599
* get the path from the loc->path in the lookup instead of resolver doing itRaghavendra Bhat2014-06-131-1/+19
* snapview-server: coverity fixesRaghavendra Bhat2014-06-091-7/+10
* glusterd: Changes to provide interface for USSVarun Shastry2014-06-031-1/+3
* snapview-server: use telldir api to get the offset of the dentryRaghavendra Bhat2014-06-021-3/+3
* user servicable snapshotsRaghavendra Bhat2014-05-295-0/+2531