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* metadisp: new translator for data and metadata separationSheena Artrip2020-08-211-0/+101
Summary: feature/metadisp is an xlator for performing "metadata dispersal" across multiple children. it does this by flattening the complex POSIX paths into /$GFID style paths, then forwarding the metadata operations to its first child and forwarding the data operations to its second child. The purpose of this xlator is to allow separation of data and metadata, in cases where metadata might be stored in another format (embedded kv?), on another disk (ssd), on another host (dht2). Change-Id: I392c8bd0c867a3237d144aea327323f700a2728d Updates: #816 Signed-Off-By: Sheena Artrip <> Tested-By: Amar Tumballi <>