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* filter: NFS-friendly logic changesShehjar Tikoo2009-10-011-27/+84
* locks: NFS-friendly logic changesShehjar Tikoo2009-10-011-1/+3
* Global: NFS-friendly prototype changesShehjar Tikoo2009-10-011-22/+47
* Global: Introduce setattr and fsetattr fopsShehjar Tikoo2009-10-011-176/+44
* filter: use O_ACCMODE for checking file access modes.Raghavendra G2009-07-071-3/+6
* updated features/filter with new readv writev prototypesAnand V. Avati2009-04-121-4/+8
* Moving few translators which are not well tested, are in beta stage to 'testi...Amar Tumballi2009-03-181-1/+1
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