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* iatt: changes across the codebaseAnand V. Avati2010-03-163-169/+170
* cluster/unify: don't call xl_init_tree on namespace node.Raghavendra G2010-01-141-11/+0
* moved unify from 'cluster/unify' to 'legacy/cluster/unify'Amar Tumballi2009-11-281-1/+1
* Changed occurrences of Z Research to Gluster.Vijay Bellur2009-10-073-3/+3
* unify: Support readdirp fopShehjar Tikoo2009-10-061-0/+24
* unify: NFS-friendly logic changesShehjar Tikoo2009-10-013-112/+140
* Global: NFS-friendly prototype changesShehjar Tikoo2009-10-011-40/+157
* Global: Introduce setattr and fsetattr fopsShehjar Tikoo2009-10-012-212/+115
* cluster/unify - replace ZR_FILENAME_MAX by NAME_MAXBasavanagowda Kanur2009-07-062-14/+14
* unify getdents count reduced to 512 (from 1024)Amar Tumballi2009-06-031-1/+1
* THIS: unify now uses xlator_notify for setting THISAnand V. Avati2009-05-221-1/+1
* cluster/unify - unify_forget() should not try to access inode->ctx, if inode-...Basavanagowda Kanur2009-04-301-1/+1
* cluster/unify link() should be sent to only one subvolume.Basavanagowda Kanur2009-04-141-0/+1
* update cluster/unify with new readv writev prototypesAnand V. Avati2009-04-121-4/+7
* unify-self-heal: Fix un-ref'ing of incorrect dictShehjar Tikoo2009-04-021-1/+1
* cluster/unify propogates ESTALE to parent translator, if any subvolume return...Basavanagowda Kanur2009-04-021-4/+30
* implement forget for cluster/unifyBasavanagowda Kanur2009-03-131-0/+18
* unify revalidate should propogate the error from any of the subvolume upto th...Basavanagowda Kanur2009-03-131-0/+7
* Add extra 'volume' parameter to inodelk/entrylk callsVikas Gorur2009-03-121-8/+8
* updated copyright header to extend copyright upto 2009Basavanagowda Kanur2009-02-263-3/+3
* Added all filesVikas Gorur2009-02-185-0/+5827