path: root/xlators/cluster/ec/src/ec-heald.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* libglusterfs: Name threads on creationRaghavendra Talur2017-07-191-1/+1
* cluster/ec : Don't try to heal when no sink is UPAshish Pandey2017-07-071-0/+6
* cluster/ec: Healing should not start if only "data" bricks are UPAshish Pandey2016-11-281-11/+17
* cluster/ec: Implement heal info with lockAshish Pandey2016-10-111-40/+6
* cluster/ec: Do multi-threaded self-healPranith Kumar K2016-08-241-2/+12
* cluster/afr: Don't lookup/forget inodesPranith Kumar K2016-03-311-11/+1
* cluster/ec: Create this->itable in all casesPranith Kumar K2016-01-281-5/+0
* cluster/ec: Mark self-heal fops as internalPranith Kumar K2015-11-181-2/+2
* cluster/ec : Remove index entries if file/dir does not existAshish Pandey2015-10-151-33/+45
* ec : xattr of all root directories of all bricks should be...Ashish Pandey2015-08-291-0/+3
* ec: Porting messages to new logging frameworkNandaja Varma2015-06-261-7/+11
* ec: Display correct message after successful heal startAshish Pandey2015-06-221-1/+1
* cluster/ec: Change meaning of Kumar K2015-05-081-5/+9
* libglusterfs/syncop: Add xdata to all syncop callsRaghavendra Talur2015-04-081-4/+5
* Avoid conflict between contrib/uuid and system uuidEmmanuel Dreyfus2015-04-041-4/+4
* cluster/ec: Add self-heal-daemon command handlersPranith Kumar K2015-03-091-0/+598