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* object-storage: use temp file optimizationMohammed Junaid2013-01-221-11/+12
* object-storage: apply upstream DiskFile refactorPeter Portante2012-12-171-31/+34
* object-storage: a set of cleanups to DiskFilePeter Portante2012-12-171-64/+76
* object-storage: Initial unittest of DiskFile classPeter Portante2012-12-173-0/+1028
* object-storage: unit tests to 100% cover utilsPeter Portante2012-12-111-12/+146
* object-storage: use temp file optimization for pklPeter Portante2012-12-111-10/+41
* object-storage: Add a sorted list comparison to testPete Zaitcev2012-11-211-2/+2
* object-storage: del 1.4.8 ref from dir hierarchyPeter Portante2012-11-216-0/+818