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* core: Brick is not able to detach successfully in brick_mux environmentMohit Agrawal2019-04-141-0/+33
Problem: In brick_mux environment, while volumes are stopped in a loop bricks are not detached successfully. Brick's are not detached because xprtrefcnt has not become 0 for detached brick. At the time of initiating brick detach process server_notify saves xprtrefcnt on detach brick and once counter has become 0 then server_rpc_notify spawn a server_graph_janitor_threads for cleanup brick resources.xprtrefcnt has not become 0 because socket framework is not working due to assigning 0 as a fd for socket. In commit dc25d2c1eeace91669052e3cecc083896e7329b2 there was a change in changelog fini to close htime_fd if htime_fd is not negative, by default htime_fd is 0 so it close 0 also. Solution: Initialize htime_fd to -1 after just allocate changelog_priv by GF_CALLOC Fixes: bz#1699025 Change-Id: I5f7ca62a0eb1c0510c3e9b880d6ab8af8d736a25 Signed-off-by: Mohit Agrawal <>