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* tests: Fix tests/bitrot/bug-1244613.tKotresh HR2016-08-091-0/+3
* tests: Fix spurious failure of br-stub.tKotresh HR2016-07-271-0/+3
* tests: Backport all changes to tests dirRaghavendra Talur2016-05-041-0/+1
* features/bitrot: do not remove the quarantine handle in forgetRaghavendra Bhat2016-03-071-6/+37
* features/bitrot: Fail node-uuid getxattr if file is marked badKotresh HR2016-01-271-0/+68
* bitrot: getting correct value of scrub stat'sGaurav Kumar Garg2015-12-171-7/+0
* glusterd/bitrot : Integration of bad files from bitd with scrub status commandGaurav Kumar Garg2015-11-231-0/+43
* features/bit-rot-stub: fail the fop if inode context get failsRaghavendra Bhat2015-08-211-0/+42
* tests: set inode-lru-limit to 1 and check if bit-rot xattrs are wrongy createdRaghavendra Bhat2015-08-141-0/+87
* tests/bitrot: Scrub state change testsVenky Shankar2015-06-261-0/+81
* features/bit-rot-stub: implement mknod fopRaghavendra Bhat2015-05-312-15/+80
* Tests: avoid hang in br-stub.tEmmanuel Dreyfus2015-05-221-0/+2
* features/bit-rot-stub: versioning of objects in write/truncate fop instead of...Raghavendra Bhat2015-05-102-14/+54
* features/bitrot: Follow xattr naming conventionsVenky Shankar2015-05-101-1/+1
* tests/bitrot-stub: Object versioning test(s)Venky Shankar2015-04-082-0/+191