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* tests: run nfs tests only if --enable-gnfs is providedAmar Tumballi2019-01-241-0/+2
* Fixes quota aux mount failureSanoj Unnikrishnan2017-05-081-6/+0
* quota: mark tests/basic/quota.t as bad_testSusant Palai2016-05-011-0/+1
* glusterd: default value of nfs.disable, change from false to trueKaleb S KEITHLEY2016-04-271-0/+1
* tests/quota : improving tests for quotaManikandan Selvaganesh2016-03-031-7/+64
* features/quota : Fix spurious failurevmallika2015-07-121-30/+12
* Quota: fix testcases not to send parallel writes for accuratevmallika2015-05-251-8/+10
* tests: Check aux umount is unmounted for quota testsPranith Kumar K2015-05-041-0/+1
* tests: fix rebalance_completedJeff Darcy2015-03-261-8/+1
* tests: fixing typo errorsSakshi Bansal2015-02-021-2/+2
* Spare spurious regression in quota.tEmmanuel Dreyfus2015-01-101-1/+4
* gNFS : mount fails if connection to brick(s) is not established yet.jiffin2014-10-311-0/+3
* Regression test portability: quota.tEmmanuel Dreyfus2014-10-201-2/+2
* porting: various fixes regression tests OSX/FreeBSDHarshavardhana2014-08-291-1/+2
* Regression test portability: mountEmmanuel Dreyfus2014-08-201-1/+2
* tests: make dd less noisyJeff Darcy2014-07-151-1/+1
* Regression test portability: dd usageEmmanuel Dreyfus2014-07-141-5/+5
* tests: Change umount with force_umount with 5 retriesPranith Kumar K2014-06-231-1/+1
* Tests: Umount nfs mount before volume stopPranith Kumar K2014-05-201-2/+2
* tests: Use uniform timeoutsPranith Kumar K2014-05-191-6/+6
* tests/quota: Wait till the rebalance is completeVarun Shastry2014-04-021-4/+14
* cluster/dht: Set quota limit key in dht_selfheal of dirs.Varun Shastry2014-01-221-0/+71
* features/quota: Improvements to quotaRaghavendra G2013-11-261-7/+70
* features/quota: regression tests on general functionality of quotaVarun Shastry2013-03-111-0/+51