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* remove reference to bugzillaAmar Tumballi2020-04-291-36/+18
* Improve bug identificationXavi Hernandez2019-07-011-39/+49
* fix the missing rebase issueAmar Tumballi2019-02-131-38/+1
* clang-format: add the config fileAmar Tumballi2018-09-121-1/+18
* use 'git log -n1' instead of 'git show'Amar Tumballi2018-09-101-4/+4
* provide a unified way to update bugs or github issues IDAmar Tumballi2018-03-221-73/+88
* Update to use a custom origin via an env variableShreyas Siravara2017-12-051-10/+11
* make alignment check compulsoryRaghavendra Talur2017-07-181-4/+4
* scripts: prevent a script warning if does not find a backportNiels de Vos2017-05-301-1/+1
* scripts: Update to prompt for a github issue on RFE commitsShyam2017-04-191-0/+82
* scripts: Update to check existance of Change-Id in backportsShyam2017-04-101-0/+70
* build: move to build-auxNiels de Vos2016-09-121-5/+5
* build: update link for .git/hooks/commit-msgKaleb S KEITHLEY2016-01-141-3/+3
* Portability fix: rfc.shEmmanuel Dreyfus2016-01-121-1/+1
* Make show what its actually doingPatrick Uiterwijk2015-12-031-0/+13
* Fix incorrect and use of "jenkins" instead of "gerrit"Justin Clift2015-04-131-4/+6
* extras/ linux kernel style patch verificationHarshavardhana2014-09-181-4/+43
* Include BUG: header even in first runAnand Avati2013-08-141-2/+2
* set 'Change-Id: ' header on first runAnand Avati2012-08-151-0/+3
* gerrit / further trim of fetch targetCsaba Henk2012-04-231-1/+1
* POSIXly correct: \n replacement is GNU sed specificEmmanuel Dreyfus2011-08-121-1/+1
* One more missing change :-/Emmanuel Dreyfus2011-08-121-1/+1
* Use bourne shell, fix error in previous commitEmmanuel Dreyfus2011-08-121-8/+8
* sed -i is available from GNU sed, but is not portable. Output to a newEmmanuel Dreyfus2011-08-111-2/+3
* gerrit: add a dry-run mode to rfc scriptCsaba Henk2011-07-231-2/+8
* gerrit: some fixes for the rfc scriptCsaba Henk2011-07-231-2/+2
* s/Patchwork/Gerrit/Anand Avati2011-07-181-0/+104