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* mem pool for call_stub_tshishir gowda2010-08-061-1/+6
* Implement mem pool for frame and stackshishir gowda2010-08-061-0/+19
* changes to rpcRaghavendra G2010-07-281-1/+1
* some check added to the variables after GF_CALLOCAmar Tumballi2010-07-281-0/+6
* glusterfsd: fix bug in GETSPEC which would result in loading of -f volfileAnand Avati2010-07-231-2/+1
* glusterfsd: ban specifying fuse in volfileCsaba Henk2010-07-221-0/+11
* glusterfsd: move mgmt_init() to happen post deamonize()Anand Avati2010-07-211-10/+9
* mount/fuse: disable fuse support from volfileAnand Avati2010-07-213-309/+324
* glusterfsd: make SIGINT gdb friendlyAnand Avati2010-07-211-1/+1
* 'glusterd' commandAmar Tumballi2010-07-203-3/+11
* gluster-CLI-and-mgmt-glusterd-added-to-codebaseAmar Tumballi2010-07-081-2/+2
* fix up OS X after dynamic volume changesCsaba Henk2010-07-081-7/+2
* minor option handling refactorizationsCsaba Henk2010-07-084-14/+36
* fix fuse volume creation from volfileCsaba Henk2010-07-081-41/+39
* fix up option handlingCsaba Henk2010-07-082-35/+49
* glusterfsd: Handle setting entry-timeout to 0Vijay Bellur2010-07-061-1/+1
* allocate space for '\0' in string, while adding xlator-optionAmar Tumballi2010-07-061-2/+2
* mem-types: include *-mem-types.h in noinst_HEADERS variables in all Makefile.amAnand Avati2010-06-081-1/+1
* dynamic volume changes for graph replacementAnand Avati2010-06-073-806/+531
* fuse: add a built-in fuse traffic dumper mechanismCsaba Henk2010-06-072-0/+12
* OS X: enable mac-compat for OS X clients.Csaba Henk2010-05-211-2/+6
* OS X: adjustments, minor fixes to eliminate warningsCsaba Henk2010-05-212-2/+20
* OS X: basic additions for OS X client supportCsaba Henk2010-05-211-16/+0
* added features/mac-compatCsaba Henk2010-05-132-25/+32
* frame's 'op', 'type' restructuredAmar Tumballi2010-05-032-12/+1
* structuring of protocolAmar Tumballi2010-05-032-2/+0
* Memory accounting changesVijay Bellur2010-04-232-40/+92
* fuse: change behavior of direct io mode.Anand Avati2010-04-082-8/+21
* core: Do internal latency measurement of FOPs.Vikas Gorur2010-04-041-0/+2
* added '--read-only' command line option for glusterfsAmar Tumballi2010-03-242-0/+65
* handle SIGINT in glusterfsdAmar Tumballi2010-03-091-0/+4
* Fix fetching volume file from the server, by sending parent up through the xl...Harshavardhana Ranganath2010-01-261-0/+4
* core: fix initialization of disjoint xlator graphAnand Avati2010-01-231-1/+26
* default log file now doesn't start with '-'v3.0.1rc1Amar Tumballi2010-01-141-6/+15
* Support for Compilation on SolarisVijay Bellur2009-12-201-5/+6
* glusterfsd: Handle argument attribute-timeout when set to 0Vijay Bellur2009-12-031-1/+2
* Disabled centralized logging by default.Harshavardhana Ranganath2009-11-131-3/+1
* iobuf: initialize size without 4KB paddingAnand Avati2009-10-301-1/+1
* glusterfsd: whitespace cleanupAnand Avati2009-10-301-957/+957
* glusterfsd.c: Unnecessary writing of strerror of errorno on pipevinayak hegde2009-10-211-16/+17
* Changed occurrences of Z Research to Gluster.Vijay Bellur2009-10-073-5/+5
* glusterfsd.c: Pipe is used during daemonization as ipc.vinayak hegde2009-10-051-104/+91
* glusterfsd/main: Do a sem_post only if running in daemon mode.Vikas Gorur2009-09-241-2/+2
* Changes for custom daemon function.vinayak hegde2009-09-231-5/+104
* glusterfsd: Removing conditional compilation for SIGUSR1 handler.Vijay Bellur2009-09-161-2/+0
* TAKE2[PATCH BUG:213 1/1] Support for Process State DumpVijay Bellur2009-08-191-1/+3
* Merge branch 'fusilli' of /data/git/users/csaba/glusterfs-fusilliAnand V. Avati2009-08-171-1/+2
| * fuse: switch off direct I/O mode if big writes are supportedCsaba Henk2009-08-141-1/+2
* | glusterfs log prints "TLA Revision" tag, remove it and reflect git insteadHarshavardhana Ranganath2009-08-171-3/+3
* glusterfsd: handle logfile path specification appropriately.Basavanagowda Kanur2009-07-281-1/+8