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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* extras: create PID file for glusterd when started from init scriptsKaushik BV2012-02-031-7/+25
* Change the start/stop order of glusterd script at boot time.Sachidananda Urs2011-11-231-35/+35
* build : use pid file to kill nfs processLakshmipathi2011-06-081-2/+11
* install gluster binaries under /opt/glusterfs/version with at /usr/binLakshmipathi G2011-02-221-0/+7
* extras: Do not check_config() for glusterd in Debian initVijay Bellur2010-10-261-8/+0
* init.d: Path not resolved during compilation to actual prefixHarshavardhana2010-10-051-1/+1
* /etc/init.d/glusterd (for RPM based distros), fix output formatAmar Tumballi2010-10-041-2/+4
* extras: modify run level scripts to support glusterd.v3.1.0qa21Balamurugan Arumugam2010-09-135-38/+33
* OS X: make location of launchd service configurableCsaba Henk2010-05-311-1/+3
* Fix Redhat init file so that it knows the correct binary locationPaul Rawson2009-11-191-1/+1
* extras/init.d: make install directory configurable with --with-initdirAnand V. Avati2009-10-271-1/+1
* Changed occurrences of Z Research to Gluster.Vijay Bellur2009-10-072-2/+2
* Remove absolute path for init scripts.Harshavardhana2009-05-291-1/+1
* modified init scripts to honour @prefix@Harshavardhana2009-05-163-3/+9
* Renamed abs_top_srcdir to top_srcdir for older versions of autotoolHarshavardhana2009-04-171-1/+1
* Fixed the build problems observedHarshavardhana2009-04-161-1/+1
* Fixed build problems for init script installation.Harshavardhana2009-03-091-2/+4
* Added proper handling for the init scripts for (Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, Redhat)...Harshavardhana2009-03-034-6/+81
* Added /etc/init.d/glusterfsd for rpmbuildsHarshavardhana2009-02-282-76/+20
* Added all filesVikas Gorur2009-02-184-0/+234