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* build: fix ecdh.h and dh.h depsMilind Changire2015-11-201-0/+8
* osx: Enable qemu feature build on DarwinHarshavardhana2014-08-112-3/+7
* build: make GLUSTERD_WORKDIR rely on localstatedirHarshavardhana2014-08-072-1/+2
* porting: Port for FreeBSD rebased from Mike Ma's effortsHarshavardhana2014-07-022-2/+4
* NetBSD qemu build fixesEmmanuel Dreyfus2014-06-021-0/+2
* build: MacOSX Porting fixesHarshavardhana2014-04-242-1/+8
* contrib/qemu: remove the CONFIG_INT128 host config optionBrian Foster2013-12-041-1/+0
* features/qemu-block: simplify coroutine model to use single synctask, ucontextBrian Foster2013-11-102-1/+225
* contrib/qemu: disable coroutine caching in qemuBrian Foster2013-10-091-1/+1
* features/qemu-block: support for QCOW2 and QED formatsAnand Avati2013-09-031-0/+12
* contrib/qemu: Import qemu block source codeAnand Avati2013-09-03107-0/+39119