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* cli: add system namespaceCsaba Henk2010-09-161-0/+4
* Change cli volume/peer cmd's --help option to helpshishir gowda2010-09-071-1/+1
* 'gluster volume log' feature addedAmar Tumballi2010-08-311-4/+0
* Help Added to the Gluster-CLI for all sub commands (some deletions in the old...Kaushik BV2010-08-251-1/+7
* changed GNU General Public License to GNU Affero General Public LicensePranith Kumar K2010-08-171-3/+3
* cli: block command hangVijay Bellur2010-08-171-4/+6
* cli: Implement help commandVijay Bellur2010-08-171-0/+3
* cli: Do not await connection for miscellaneous cmdsVijay Bellur2010-08-111-6/+20
* cli: Introduce timeouts for command response and connectionVijay Bellur2010-08-111-8/+39
* make some not implemented commands return successAmar Tumballi2010-08-031-0/+4
* cli: Init conditional mutex at the right placeVijay Bellur2010-07-281-2/+1
* DVM: Changes in CLI outputVijay Bellur2010-07-271-14/+51
* DVM: Changes for remove brickVijay Bellur2010-07-271-1/+1
* cli: Changes to provide proper exit status for gluster commandlineVijay Bellur2010-07-271-2/+43
* cli: fix consistent behaviour with newlines in cli_out()Anand Avati2010-07-211-2/+2
* cli: fix 'unrecognized command' error on empty commandAnand Avati2010-07-211-0/+3
* Changes in CLI and glusterdVijay Bellur2010-07-121-0/+4
* gluster-CLI-and-mgmt-glusterd-added-to-codebaseAmar Tumballi2010-07-081-0/+199