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-# DHT2 Experimental README
-DHT2 is the new distribution scheme being developed for Gluster, that
-aims to remove the subdirectory spread across all DHT subvolumes.
-As a result of this work, the Gluster backend file layouts and on disk
-representation of directories and files are modified, thus making DHT2
-volumes incompatible to existing DHT based Gluster deployments.
-This document presents interested users with relevant data to play around
-with DHT2 volumes and provide feedback towards the same.
-REMOVEME: Design details currently under review here,
- -
-TODO: Add more information as relevant code is pulled in
-# Directory strucutre elaborated
-## dht2-server
-This directory contains code for the server side DHT2 xlator. This xlator is
-intended to run on the brick graph, and is responsible for FOP synchronization,
-redirection, transactions, and journal replays.
-NOTE: The server side code also handles changes to volume/cluster map and
-also any rebalance activities.
-## dht2-client
-This directory contains code for the client side DHT2 xlator. This xlator is
-intended to run on the client/access protocol/mount graph, and is responsible
-for FOP routing to the right DHT2 subvolume. It uses a volume/cluster wide map
-of the routing (layout), to achieve the same.
-## dht2-common
-This directory contains code that is used in common across other parts of DHT2.
-For example, FOP routing store/consult abstractions that are common across the
-client and server side of DHT2.
-## Issue: How to build dht2-common?
- 1. Build a shared object
- - We cannot ship this as a part of both the client xlator RPM
- 2. Build an archive
- - Symbol clashes? when both the client and server xlators are loaded as a
- part of the same graph
- 3. Compile with other parts of the code that needs it
- - Not a very different from (2) above
- - This is what is chosen at present, and maybe would be revised later