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-# Purpose of this directory
-This directory is created to host experimental gluster translators. A new
-translator that is *experimental* in nature, would need to create its own
-subdirectory under this directory, to host/publish its work.
- The first commit should include the following changes
- 1. xlators/experimental/
- NOTE: Add foobar to the list of SUBDIRS here
- 2. xlators/experimental/foobar
- 3. xlators/experimental/foobar/
- NOTE: Can be empty initially in the first commit
- 4.
- NOTE: Include your experimental Makefile under AC_CONFIG_FILES
- 5. xlators/experimental/foobar/
- NOTE: The readme should cover details as required for the translator to be
- accepted as experimental, primarily including a link to the specification
- under the gluster-specs repository [1]. Later the readme should suffice
- as an entry point for developers and users alike, who wish to experiment
- with the xlator under development
- 6. xlators/experimental/foobar/
- NOTE: This is a list of TODO's identified during the development process
- that needs addressing over time. These include exceptions granted during
- the review process, for things not addressed when commits are merged into
- the repository
-# Why is it provided
-Quite often translator development that happens out of tree, does not get
-enough eyeballs early in its development phase, has not undergone CI
-(regression/continuous integration testing), and at times is not well integrated
-with the rest of gluster stack.
-Also, when such out of tree translators are submitted for acceptance, it is a
-bulk commit that makes review difficult and inefficient. Such submissions also
-have to be merged forward, and depending on the time spent in developing the
-translator the master branch could have moved far ahead, making this a painful
-Experimental is born out of such needs, to provide xlator developers,
- - Early access to CI
- - Ability to adapt to ongoing changes in other parts of gluster
- - More eye balls on the code and design aspects of the translator
- - TBD: What else?
-and for maintainers,
- - Ability to look at smaller change sets in the review process
- - Ability to verify/check implementation against the specification provided
-# General rules
-1. If a new translator is added under here it should, at the very least, pass
-2. All translators under the experimental directory are shipped as a part of
-gluster-experimental RPMs.
-TBD: Spec file and other artifacts for the gluster-experimental RPM needs to be
-fleshed out.
-3. Experimental translators can leverage the CI framework as needed. Tests need
-to be hosted under xlators/experimental/tests initially, and later moved to the
-appropriate tests/ directory as the xlator matures. It is encouraged to provide
-tests for each commit or series of commits, so that code and tests can be
-inspected together.
-4. If any experimental translator breaks CI, it is quarantined till demonstrable
-proof towards the contrary is provided. This is applicable as tests are moved
-out of experimental tests directory to the CI framework directory, as otherwise
-experimental tests are not a part of regular CI regression runs.
-5. An experimental translator need not function at all, as a result commits can
-be merged pretty much at will as long as other rules as stated are not violated.
-6. Experimental submissions will be assigned a existing maintainer, to aid
-merging commits and ensure aspects of gluster code submissions are respected.
-When an experimental xlator is proposed and the first commit posted
-a mail to requesting attention, will assign the
-maintainer buddy for the submission.
-NOTE: As we scale, this may change.
-6. More?
-# Getting out of the experimental jail
-So you now think your xlator is ready to leave experimental and become part of
-- TBD: guidelines pending.
-# FAQs
-1. How do I submit/commit experimental framework changes outside of my
-experimental xlator?
- - Provide such framework changes as a separate commit
- - Conditionally ensure these are built or activated only when the experimental
- feature is activated, so as to prevent normal gluster workflow to function as
- before
- - TBD: guidelines and/or examples pending.
-2. Ask your question either on or as a change request
-to this file in gluster gerrit [2] for an answer that will be assimilated into
-this readme.
-# Links