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diff --git a/tests/basic/volume.t b/tests/basic/volume.t
index 7648ae1..27fe093 100755..100644
--- a/tests/basic/volume.t
+++ b/tests/basic/volume.t
@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ TEST $CLI volume info;
TEST $CLI volume create $V0 replica 3 $H0:$B0/${V0}{1,2,3,4,5,6};
EXPECT "$V0" volinfo_field $V0 'Volume Name';
EXPECT 'Created' volinfo_field $V0 'Status';
EXPECT '6' brick_count $V0
@@ -28,10 +27,34 @@ EXPECT '6' brick_count $V0
TEST $CLI volume top $V0 read-perf bs 4096 count 1000
TEST $CLI volume top $V0 write-perf bs 1048576 count 2
-TEST $CLI volume stop $V0;
-EXPECT 'Stopped' volinfo_field $V0 'Status';
+TEST touch $M0/foo
+# statedump path should be a directory, setting it to a file path should fail
+TEST ! $CLI v set $V0 server.statedump-path $M0/foo;
+EXPECT '/var/run/gluster' $CLI v get $V0 server.statedump-path
+#set the statedump path to an existing ditectory which should succeed
+TEST mkdir $D0/level;
+TEST $CLI v set $V0 server.statedump-path $D0/level
+EXPECT '/level' volinfo_field $V0 'server.statedump-path'
+ret=$(ls $D0/level | wc -l);
+TEST [ $ret == 0 ]
+TEST $CLI v statedump $V0;
+ret=$(ls $D0/level | wc -l);
+TEST ! [ $ret == 0 ]
+#set the statedump path to a non - existing directory which should fail
+TEST ! $CLI v set $V0 server.statedump-path /root/test
+EXPECT '/level' volinfo_field $V0 'server.statedump-path'
+TEST rm -rf $D0/level
+TEST $CLI volume stop $V0
+EXPECT 'Stopped' volinfo_field $V0 'Status'
-TEST $CLI volume delete $V0;
-TEST ! $CLI volume info $V0;
+TEST $CLI volume delete $V0
+TEST ! $CLI volume info $V0