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+# Release notes for GlusterFS-3.7.20
+GlusterFS-3.7.20 is a bug fix release for GlusterFS-3.7. This is the last release of GlusterFS-3.7, unless the mid february release of GlusterFS-3.10 misses its mark. GlusterFS-3.7 will be EOLed once GlusterFS-3.10 is released, and will not recieve any more updates.
+This release stays at operating-version 30712.
+## Bugs fixed
+The following bugs have been fixed in this release.
+- [#1401032]( OOM kill of nfs-ganesha on one node while fs-sanity test suite is executed.
+- [#1411614]( Fix the place where graph switch event is logged
+- [#1411901]( DHT doesn't evenly balance files on FreeBSD with ZFS
+- [#1412890]( Extra lookup/fstats are sent over the network when a brick is down.
+- [#1415133]( Improve output of "gluster volume status detail"