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@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ GlusterFS-3.7.17 is a normal minor release for GlusterFS-3.7.
The 3.7.17 release does not have a new operating-version. The operating-version remains 30712.
+Installing this update could break the vfs_glusterfs module for Samba users. It is recommended that Samba users install this update if they have the following patch in their Samba packages:
## Bug Fixed
The following bugs have been fixed in this release
@@ -17,6 +20,7 @@ The following bugs have been fixed in this release
- [#1336369]( Sequential volume start&stop is failing with SSL enabled setup.
- [#1388949]( glusterfs can't self heal character dev file for invalid dev_t parameters
- [#1383593]( glfs_realpath() should not return malloc()'d allocated memory
+- [#1369363]( gluster snap status xml output shows incorrect details when the snapshots are in deactivated state
## Known Issues