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@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ List all volumes in cluster
\fB\ volume status [all | <VOLNAME> [nfs|shd|<BRICK>|quotad]] [detail|clients|mem|inode|fd|callpool|tasks|client-list] \fR
Display status of all or specified volume(s)/brick
-\fB\ volume create <NEW-VOLNAME> [stripe <COUNT>] [[replica <COUNT> [arbiter <COUNT>]]|[replica 2 thin-arbiter 1]] [disperse [<COUNT>]] [redundancy <COUNT>] [transport <tcp|rdma|tcp,rdma>] <NEW-BRICK> ... <TA-BRICK> \fR
+\fB\ volume create <NEW-VOLNAME> [stripe <COUNT>] [[replica <COUNT> [arbiter <COUNT>]]|[replica 2 thin-arbiter 1]] [disperse [<COUNT>]] [disperse-data <COUNT>] [redundancy <COUNT>] [transport <tcp|rdma|tcp,rdma>] <NEW-BRICK> ... <TA-BRICK> \fR
Create a new volume of the specified type using the specified bricks and transport type (the default transport type is tcp).
To create a volume with both transports (tcp and rdma), give 'transport tcp,rdma' as an option.
@@ -218,6 +218,12 @@ Use "!<OPTION>" to reset option <OPTION> to default value.
\fB\ volume bitrot <VOLNAME> {enable|disable} \fR
Enable/disable bitrot for volume <VOLNAME>
+\fB\ volume bitrot <VOLNAME> signing-time <time-in-secs> \fR
+Waiting time for an object after last fd is closed to start signing process.
+\fB\ volume bitrot <VOLNAME> signer-threads <count> \fR
+Number of signing process threads. Usually set to number of available cores.
\fB\ volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub-throttle {lazy|normal|aggressive} \fR
Scrub-throttle value is a measure of how fast or slow the scrubber scrubs the filesystem for volume <VOLNAME>