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rpc-transport/rdma: Add a mutex for the list of RDMA Memory Region(MR) access
Problem: gf_rdma_device_t->all_mr is a __gf_rdma_arena_mr(includes MR content) kind of list in the rdma rpc-transport. The rdma rpc-transport will add/delete items to the list when MRs register, deregister, and free. Because gf_rdma_device_t->all_mr is used by different threads and it is not mutex protected, rdma transport maybe access obsolete items in it. Solution: Add a mutex protection for the gf_rdma_device_t->all_mr. > Change-Id: I2b7de0f7aa516b90bb6f3c6aae3aadd23b243900 > BUG: 1522651 > Signed-off-by: Yi Wang <> (cherry picked from commit 8483ed87165c1695b513e223549d33d2d63891d9) Signed-off-by: Yi Wang <> Change-Id: I2b7de0f7aa516b90bb6f3c6aae3aadd23b243900 BUG: 1527699
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