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authorJiffin Tony Thottan <>2016-06-06 18:10:09 +0530
committerKaleb KEITHLEY <>2016-06-07 04:37:44 -0700
commit093902319ccc3d6bbb954fc40944a9e23aa68344 (patch)
treede5f95db360b1ef2eca1875a25edc0304cb1e0d2 /xlators
parenteb1744582d57d0f9fe08275781800c0c3459697f (diff)
nfs : store sattr properly in nfs3_setattr() call
nfs3_setattr stores the input arguments in cs->stbuf. However, inode/entry resolution code overwrites cs->stbuf after a successful resolution, thereby overwriting the input arguments with iatt values stored on backend. Hence operations like chmod/chown turns out to be a NOP. Specifically following are the functions that overwrite cs->stbuf: nfs3_fh_resolve_inode_lookup_cbk nfs3_fh_resolve_entry_lookup_cbk Since we resort to inode resolution only when inode is not found in inode table and lru limit guards the number of inodes in itable, we run into this issue only when the data set is bigger than lru limit of itable. Fix is to store input arguments in a member other than cs->stbuf. Thanks Du for suggesting the fix Change-Id: I7caef48839d4f177c3557d7823fc1d35c8294939 BUG: 1318204 Signed-off-by: Jiffin Tony Thottan <> Reviewed-on: Smoke: Gluster Build System <> Tested-by: Atin Mukherjee <> CentOS-regression: Gluster Build System <> NetBSD-regression: NetBSD Build System <> Reviewed-by: soumya k <> Reviewed-by: Kaleb KEITHLEY <> Tested-by: Kaleb KEITHLEY <>
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2 files changed, 6 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/xlators/nfs/server/src/nfs3.c b/xlators/nfs/server/src/nfs3.c
index 67b619ece13..64287c5b1bd 100644
--- a/xlators/nfs/server/src/nfs3.c
+++ b/xlators/nfs/server/src/nfs3.c
@@ -1019,10 +1019,11 @@ nfs3svc_setattr_cbk (call_frame_t *frame, void *cookie, xlator_t *this,
if ((gf_attr_size_set (cs->setattr_valid)) &&
(!IA_ISDIR (postop->ia_type)) &&
- (preop->ia_size != cs->stbuf.ia_size)) {
+ (preop->ia_size != cs->attr_in.ia_size)) {
nfs_request_user_init (&nfu, cs->req);
ret = nfs_truncate (cs->nfsx, cs->vol, &nfu, &cs->resolvedloc,
- cs->stbuf.ia_size, nfs3svc_truncate_cbk,cs);
+ cs->attr_in.ia_size, nfs3svc_truncate_cbk,
+ cs);
if (ret < 0)
stat = nfs3_errno_to_nfsstat3 (-ret);
@@ -1105,7 +1106,7 @@ nfs3_setattr_resume (void *carg)
nfs3_check_fh_resolve_status (cs, stat, nfs3err);
nfs_request_user_init (&nfu, cs->req);
ret = nfs_setattr (cs->nfsx, cs->vol, &nfu, &cs->resolvedloc,
- &cs->stbuf, cs->setattr_valid,
+ &cs->attr_in, cs->setattr_valid,
nfs3svc_setattr_cbk, cs);
if (ret < 0)
@@ -1147,7 +1148,7 @@ nfs3_setattr (rpcsvc_request_t *req, struct nfs3_fh *fh, sattr3 *sattr,
nfs3_check_rw_volaccess (nfs3, fh->exportid, stat, nfs3err);
nfs3_handle_call_state_init (nfs3, cs, req, vol, stat, nfs3err);
- cs->setattr_valid = nfs3_sattr3_to_setattr_valid (sattr, &cs->stbuf,
+ cs->setattr_valid = nfs3_sattr3_to_setattr_valid (sattr, &cs->attr_in,
if (guard->check) {
gf_msg_trace (GF_NFS3, 0, "Guard check required");
diff --git a/xlators/nfs/server/src/nfs3.h b/xlators/nfs/server/src/nfs3.h
index b55cb848638..4cb3e67528d 100644
--- a/xlators/nfs/server/src/nfs3.h
+++ b/xlators/nfs/server/src/nfs3.h
@@ -225,6 +225,7 @@ struct nfs3_local {
cookie3 cookie;
struct iovec datavec;
mode_t mode;
+ struct iatt attr_in;
/* NFSv3 FH resolver state */
int hardresolved;