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md-cache: Add additional samba and macOS specific EAs to mdcache
Samba ships with a server implementation of the Apple Create Context extension (AAPL) as negotiated by all modern Apple clients. With the support of the AAPL extension, Apple clients will integrate better with Samba servers. The AAPL implementation itself is contained in the Samba vfs_fruit(8) module which has to be activated in Samba. This vfs_fruit module also provides support for macOS alternate data streams which will be represented in EAs. Two standard data streams ("AFP_AfpInfo" and "AFP_Resource") will be stored in the following EAs: * * For all other data streams, vfs_fruit relies on another Samba vfs module, vfs_streams_xattr(8), to handle these. Although configurable, by default the vfs_streams_xattr module will build EA keynames with a "user.DosStream." prefix. Please note that we have to deal with only one known prefix key, as macOS will happily compose EA keynames like: *$DATA *$DATA *$DATA *$DATA * etc. Caching of vfs_fruit specific EAs is crucial for SMB performance and is controlled with the same configuration option "performance.cache-samba-metadata". Guenther Change-Id: Ia7aa341234dc13e1c0057f3d658b7ef711b5d31e BUG: 1499933 Signed-off-by: Guenther Deschner <>
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