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experimental/cloudsync: Download xlator for archival feature
spec-files: Overview: * Cloudsync maintains three file states in it's inode-ctx i.e 1 - LOCAL, 2 - REMOTE, 3 - DOWNLOADING. * A data modifying fop is allowed only if the state is LOCAL. If the state is REMOTE or DOWNLOADING, client will download or wait for the download to finish initiated by other client. * Multiple download and upload from different clients are synchronized by inodelk. * In POSIX a state check is done (part of different commit)before allowing the fop to continue. If the state is remote/downloading the fop is unwound with EREMOTE. The client will then download the file and continue with the fop again. * Basic Algo for fop (let's say write fop): - If LOCAL -> resume fop - If REMOTE -> - INODELK - STAT (this gets state and heal the state if needed) - DOWNLOAD - resume fop Note: * Developers will need to write plugins for download, based on the remote store they choose. In phase-1, support will be added for one remote store per volume. In future, more options for multiple remote stores will be explored. TODOs: - Implement stat/lookup/readdirp to return size info from xattr - Make plugins configurable - Implement unlink fop - Add metrics collection - Add sharding support Design Contributions: Aravinda V K <> Amar Tumballi <> Ram Ankireddypalle <> Susant Palai <> updates: #387 Change-Id: Iddf711ee7ab4e946ae3e472ff62791a7b85e6d4b Signed-off-by: Susant Palai <>
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