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glusterd: Improve debugging experience for glusterd locks
Today, when glusterd's internal locking mechanism fails with invalid type or when another competing lock is being held, the log message doesn't provide enough information directly as to which command saw this (first). Following is a snippet of how a failure would look in the log file. This would greatly assist in debugging. [2014-09-03 04:57:58.549418] E [glusterd-locks.c:520:glusterd_mgmt_v3_lock] (-->/usr/local/lib/glusterfs/3.7dev/xlator/mgmt/ [0x7f30b071e651] (-->/usr/local/lib/glusterfs/3.7dev/xlator/mgmt/ [0x7f30b072e19c] (-->/usr/local/lib/glusterfs/3.7dev/xlator/mgmt/ [0x7f30b072de6d]))) 0-management: Invalid entity. Cannot perform locking operation on vol types Change-Id: I0595f49d60e620e8b065f3506bdb147ccee383a7 Signed-off-by: Krishnan Parthasarathi <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Atin Mukherjee <> Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Kaushal M <>
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