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quota: allow writes when with EINVAL on pgfid isnot exist
NFS client gets "Invalid argument" when writing file through nfs-ganesha. 1. With quota disabled; nfs client mount nfs-ganesha share, and do 'll' in the testing directory. 2. Enable quota; getfattr: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names trusted.gfid=0xe2edaac0eca8420ebbbcba7e56bbd240 trusted.gfid2path.b3250af8fa558e66=0x39663134343566662d653530332d343831352d396635312d3236633565366332633137642f7465737466696c653932 trusted.glusterfs.quota.9f1445ff-e503-4815-9f51-26c5e6c2c17d.contri.3=0x00000000000002000000000000000001 Notice: testfile92 without trusted.pgfid xattr. 3. restart glusterfs volume by "gluster volume stop/start gvtest" 4. echo somedata > testfile92 5. ll testfile92 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Mar 6 21:43 testfile92 BUG: 1560319 Change-Id: Iaa4dd1e891c99069fb85b7b11bb0482cbf2303b1 fixes: bz#1560319 Signed-off-by: Kinglong Mee <>
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