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open-behind: rewrite of internal logic
There was a critical flaw in the previous implementation of open-behind. When an open is done in the background, it's necessary to take a reference on the fd_t object because once we "fake" the open answer, the fd could be destroyed. However as long as there's a reference, the release function won't be called. So, if the application closes the file descriptor without having actually opened it, there will always remain at least 1 reference, causing a leak. To avoid this problem, the previous implementation didn't take a reference on the fd_t, so there were races where the fd could be destroyed while it was still in use. To fix this, I've implemented a new xlator cbk that gets called from fuse when the application closes a file descriptor. The whole logic of handling background opens have been simplified and it's more efficient now. Only if the fop needs to be delayed until an open completes, a stub is created. Otherwise no memory allocations are needed. Correctly handling the close request while the open is still pending has added a bit of complexity, but overall normal operation is simpler. Change-Id: I6376a5491368e0e1c283cc452849032636261592 Fixes: #1225 Signed-off-by: Xavi Hernandez <>
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