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protocol: remove compound fop
Compound fops are kept on wire as a backward compatibility with older AFR modules. The AFR module used beyond 4.x releases are not using compound fops. Hence removing the compound fop in the protocol code. Note that, compound-fops was already an 'option' in AFR, and completely removed since 4.1.x releases. So, point to note is, with this change, we have 2 ways to upgrade when clients of 3.x series are present. i) set 'use-compound-fops' option to 'false' on any volume which is of replica type. And then upgrade the servers. ii) Do a two step upgrade. First from current version (which will already be EOL if it's using compound) to a 4.1..6.x version, and then an upgrade to 7.x. Consider the overall code which we are removing for the option seems quite high, I believe it is worth it. updates: bz#1693692 Signed-off-by: Amar Tumballi <> Change-Id: I0a8876d0367a15e1410ec845f251d5d3097ee593
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