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cluster/dht: fixes to unlinking invalid linkto file
If unlinking of an invalid linkto file failed in lookup-everywhere codepath, lookup was failed with EIO. The rational as per the comment was, <snip> /* When dht_lookup_everywhere is performed, one cached *and one hashed file was found and hashed file does *not point to the above mentioned cached node. So it *was considered as stale and an unlink was performed. *But unlink fails. So may be rebalance is in progress. *now ideally we have two data-files. One obtained during *lookup_everywhere and one where unlink-failed. So *at this point in time we cannot decide which one to *choose because there are chances of first cached *file is truncated after rebalance and if it is chosen *as cached node, application will fail. So return EIO. */ </snip> However, this reasoning is only valid when * op_errno is EBUSY, indicating rebalance is in progress * op_errno is ENOTCONN as wecannot determine what was the status of file on brick. Hence this patch doesn't fail lookup unless unlink fails with an either EBUSY or ENOTCONN Change-Id: Ife55f3d97fe557f3db05beae0c2d786df31e8e55 Fixes: bz#1635145 Signed-off-by: Raghavendra Gowdappa <>
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