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NFS-Ganesha: Volume set option for managing NFS-Ganesha exports.
A dummy translator has been introduced as a place holder for functions related to managing NFS-Ganesha exports. A volume set option is introduced to manage volume level exports. gluster vol set <volname> ganesha.enable ON/OFF 1. gluster volume set <volname> ganesha.enable ON It creates the export config file with a unique export ID. Sends a DBus signal to export this volume dynamically. 2. gluster vol set <volname> ganesha.enable OFF Unexports the specific volume. Deletes the specfic config file related to the volume. This change also removes the handling of the older keys "nfs-ganesha.enable" and "" Change-Id: I8d4a0b542326a6a0c8e4711600b106274d666587 BUG: 1188184 Signed-off-by: Meghana Madhusudhan <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Niels de Vos <>
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