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features/worm: new config option to manage deletion of Worm files.
Add a new configuration option worm-files-deletable to file-level Worm in order to control behaviour of Worm files upon deletion. Steps to Test: 1. Add all the configuration options to a volume to activate file-level-worm 2. Option features.worm-files-deletable is set to 1 by default. 3. Create a new file and wait for the retention time to expire. 4. After retention time expires, do an truncate, rename, unlink, link or write to send the file in Worm state. 5. After that do `rm -f filename`. 6. The file is successfully removed. 7. Repeat from step 2 by setting features.worm-files-deletable 0. This time deletion should not be successful. Change-Id: Ibc89861ee296e065330b93a9f9606be5da40af31 BUG: 1508898 Signed-off-by: Vishal Pandey <>
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