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gfapi: Unblock epoll thread for upcall processing
With commit#ad35193,we have made changes to offload processing upcall notifications to synctask so as not to block epoll threads. However seems like the issue wasnt fully addressed. In "glfs_cbk_upcall_data" -> "synctask_new1" after creating synctask if there is no callback defined, the thread waits on synctask_join till the syncfn is finished. So that way even with those changes, epoll threads are blocked till the upcalls are processed. Hence the right fix now is to define a callback function for that synctask "glfs_cbk_upcall_syncop" so as to unblock epoll/notify threads completely and the upcall processing can happen in parallel by synctask threads. Change-Id: I4d8645e3588fab2c3ca534e0112773aaab68a5dd fixes: bz#1693575 Signed-off-by: Soumya Koduri <>
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