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cluster/afr: Send truncate on arbiter brick from SHD
Problem: In an arbiter volume configuration SHD will not send any writes onto the arbiter brick even if there is data pending marker for the arbiter brick. If we have a arbiter setup on the geo-rep master and there are data pending markers for the files on arbiter brick, SHD will not mark any data changelog during healing. While syncing the data from master to slave, if the arbiter-brick is considered as ACTIVE, then there is a chance that slave will miss out some data. If the arbiter brick is being newly added or replaced there is a chance of slave missing all the data during sync. Fix: If there is data pending marker for the arbiter brick, send truncate on the arbiter brick during heal, so that it will record truncate as the data transaction in changelog. Change-Id: I3242ba6cea6da495c418ef860d9c3359c5459dec fixes: bz#1686568 Signed-off-by: karthik-us <>
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diff --git a/tests/volume.rc b/tests/volume.rc
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--- a/tests/volume.rc
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@@ -883,5 +883,5 @@ function check_changelog_op {
local clog_path=$1
local op=$2
- $PYTHON $(dirname $0)/../../utils/ ${clog_path}/CHANGELOG | grep $op | wc -l
+ $PYTHON $(dirname $0)/../../utils/ ${clog_path}/CHANGELOG | grep "$op" | wc -l